Ditch Cleaner

Klose Ditch Cleaners are compact and powerful machines capable of operating in wet or dry conditions removing silt, vegetation and flail mowings from the bottom of open field-side and roadside ditches and grips.

The machine can be changed from left-hand to right-hand working in one or two minutes, allowing spoil to be spread on either side of the ditch and the addition of a simple clip-on deflector extension gives almost complete control of the spill from the machine. The machine can be ‘trimmed’ independently of the hedge cutter which helps gives control of working depth and finish.

Using the Klose Ditch Cleaner for ditch maintenance on a regular basis means the small amount of material that is removed and evenly spread is rapidly incorporated into bank vegetation, there is no need for costly removal of spoil from site.

In addition to ditch cleaning, the Klose Ditch Cleaner can be very easily turned through 90 degrees and used to clean existing roadside “grips” or cut new ones for the drainage of surface water off roads. An optional flat bottomed rear skid is available for “grip cutting” if required.

The working cylinder is driven by a high torque hydraulic motor via heavy duty hub which offers excellent life-prolonging protection for the motor.

Without modifications to either, the Klose Ditch Cleaner can be fitted to many different makes and models of flail arm by way of interchangeable headstocks. The fitting of a motor drain return line to the hydraulic tank may be the only addition to the flail arm.

The Klose Ditch Cleaner extends the use of the flail arm, helping maximise its use, while minimising the need for more costly and disruptive forms of ditch maintenance.

We offer 2 models of Ditch Cleaner – the 500 DC Mark 4 and the 600 DC. Full technical specifications can be viewed below, but contact us should you require advise on selection:

For 500 DC MK4 Technical Specifications click here.

For 600 DC Technical Specifications click here.

The Klose 500 DC has a product accessory range for customisation.

Ditch Cleaner

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