Ditch Cleaner – Frequently Asked Questions

How big a flail arm do I need?

Size isn’t everything. You must, however, be able to reach the bottoms of your ditches with your machine. A rule of thumb would be that if your flail arm will reach the ditch bottoms without the flail head on then you should be okay.

How much material can the ditch cleaner take out?

Depending on the type of material up to 200mm at a time but experience says it is better to take a little more often, than large amounts infrequently.

How much power do I need?

Think about the power output of your flail arm, not your tractor, the higher the power output the more flexibility you will have operating the ditch cleaner. If you are buying a new flail arm and considering using it for ditch cleaning then go for a high power one. However we do have many ditch cleaners working perfectly well on small capacity flail arms.

Will I be able to fit the ditch cleaner to my flail arm?

To date we have fitted our ditch cleaners to machines in the ranges of 11 different flail arm manufacturers. If your machine was built in the last 25 years we probably have fitting details for it and provided the flail head on your machine is driven hydraulically then there is every chance we could manufacture a headstock to suit.

Will the ditch cleaner handle wet and dry material?

Yes both, although we suggest you don’t work in water that’s so deep you can’t reach the ditch bottom without the ditch cleaner being almost submerged (unless you want to use it as a pump!).

Anything else?

Please contact us to ask anything else.